27 février 2019
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Poste Pourvu : Art General Manager for a rising Blockchain & Contemporary Art Platform – International Position

Permanent Contract
Paris with regular business trips
Competitive salary & stock options


Dommage, ce poste a été pourvu… Mais découvrez par ici nos offres d’emploi en Top Management !

Join an ambitious project with one main objective: to revolutionize the art market!

Our platform creates a social, transparent, secure, and fun way to enjoy art. We are a community created around appreciating contemporary art in all of its forms. At the same time, our platform provides a market place for the buying and selling of art. Our mission is to revolutionize the contemporary art market and to become the “21th century Christie’s”. Even with a lack of transparency, the art market is estimated to be worth 63 billion dollars a year (excluding private transactions) and has undergone significant growth since 2000. Thanks to Blockchain technology, we plan to bring security to this market and to coordinate transactions with a dedicated currency. Our online platform will provide art lovers with a new artistic experience through 3D, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI), and more. We are finalizing significant fundraising across an ICO-STO which will allow us to finance the development of the company and to acquire our first large art collection. We are looking for a General Manager. 

Key points of the project:

  • Each work of art will be put on the Blockchain in order to authenticate and validate it. This will also make forgeries impossible and the transactions more open and traceable.
  • The project includes the creation of the first crypto-currency of the art market — bringing new security to the art market. Crypto-currency will be based on the income from the marketplace transactions and the gross profits from the art collections. It will allow the creation of a new market where this crypto-currency can be converted into classic currency.
  • Investments will be allowed on several artworks at the same time, across thematic, international, or targeted collections (i.e on emerging European artists, experienced Asian artist, etc).
  • Parts of these collections will be sold through “smart contracts” (secured contracts on the Blockchain).
  • Our mission is to support and help the artists in their development by highlighting their work and organizing worldwide promotional events.

The mission of our future Art General Manager:

In collaboration with the founders, you will bring your expertise and market culture to help us build and advance this ambitious project to reinvent the art market worldwide.

Together, we will develop a new economic model around innovative processes to:

  • Promote artists with 3D, VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality), AI (artificial intelligence)technology features
  • Organize financing with crypto-currency
  • Secure and trace trades through the Blockchain
  • Develop new business models for the sale of artwork shares or artwork collections’ shares
  • And more!

Preferred Qualifications:

Established in the art market.

  • Previously managed an institution, a well-known contemporary art gallery, a biennial, or an international fair;
  • Organized international exhibitions;
  • Negotiated numerous business partnerships;
  • Developed a large international network, including artists, institutions, galleries, curators, etc;
  • Comfortable with regular travel abroad to meet partners and artists and to organize events.

Passionate about art.

  • Interested in the evolving art market and its economic model;
  • Fascinated by the digital world and its potential to innovate art;
  • Looking to play a key role in the art revolution;
  • In tune with the international art market;
  • Native or bilingual English.


A competitive compensation package depending on your experience, including a fixed salary, profit sharing, and a stock-option plan.

Why join us?

  • The opportunity of a lifetime! The chance to participate in the revolution of the art market
  • A well-developed project with numerous partnerships and support
  • A team of experts gathered by a well-known and successful entrepreneur
  • Significant financial support thanks to one of the biggest ICOs made in Europe
  • Compensation at the level of you experience, including a fixed salary, profit sharing, and a stock-option plan

Image Rietveld Academie.



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